Collistar Foundation + Uniforming Primer SPF 15 col 03

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In a single product the make-up effectiveness of a foundation + the uniforming action of a primer. For an absolutely perfect skin and a make-up that remains unchanged all day without the need for retouching. Featuring a melting and ultra-comfortable texture, this innovative foundation ensures color, coverage, uniformity and treatment in a single quick gesture.

Thanks to a technologically advanced formula and the use of precious substances, first of all the exclusive Hydro-Uniforming Complex™. The perfection of the complexion is sublimated by special 3D elastomers with a three-dimensional structure which, combined with an unprecedented soft focus system of light reflection, act as a primer: they fill and relax the first signs of aging, lift the epidermis, minimize enlarged pores and small skin imperfections, increasing the tightness and adherence of the foundation, with a “second skin” effect. Photochromic pigments of the latest generation keep the color stable and unaltered with any type of light, both natural and artificial. The presence of Vitamin E and UVA and UVB filters fights free radicals and photo-aging. Water resistant. Paraben-free.

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SKU: 8015150133739 Categories: , , Brand:


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