Collistar Slimming Biphasic Concentrate 200ml Seaweed + Peptides

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From Collistar the new frontier of dermo-cosmetic research: PURE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS® to slim and tone the body. An exclusive biphasic concentrate that combines Marine Algae and Peptides for a shock treatment on localized adiposity.
In the oily phase, 4 powerful algae, draining and lipolytic, favor the elimination of excess fluids. In the aqueous phase, selected peptides reduce the accumulation of lipids within the adipocytes helping to refine the silhouette.
The effectiveness of the formula is enhanced by a substance that facilitates the penetration of active ingredients.
The ultrasensory texture is absorbed in a few moments allowing you to dress immediately. Used regularly, the product •smoothes the skin •recompacts skin tissues •reduces fat deposits •makes the body sculpted and reshaped.
Effective on its own, thanks to its particular formula and the action of the massage, it makes the skin more receptive to subsequent treatments. SHAKE BEFORE USE.
*cosmetic action that does not involve weight loss.

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SKU: 8015150253154 Categories: , , Brand:


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